Arizona Map

Arizona Map

     Perspective: Arizona is the sixth largest state in the US by land area with 113,998 square miles (approximately 73 million acres), but only the sixteenth largest in population, with more than 6.5 million people. Two-thirds of all Arizonans live in the Phoenix metro area, leaving most of the state sparsely populated. 

    The Arizona Strip, which is where most of the story in Condor Moon takes place, is a 5-million-acre parcel of land located in the extreme northwest region of Arizona, between the Grand Canyon and the Utah border. There are only two small towns and one Indian reservation in the region, and the population totals less than than 8,000 people. This region is about the same size as the entire state of Massachusetts.  To put it in perspective, the Arizona Strip has a little more than one person per square mile. In comparison, Massachusetts' population density is 852 people per square mile.  In short, you could spend months hiking around the Arizona Strip and never see another person. And this is where Rima Larkin finds herself running for her life in Condor Moon.

     As for distances between places, it takes approximately 6 1/2 hours to drive from Wickenburg to Fredonia. The Grand Canyon cuts across much of Arizona requiring motorists to drive around it to get north. And once you reach the Arizona Strip, there is only one paved road along the northern edge and the rest of the roads are primarily non-maintained dirt roads and jeep trails, making travel slow and tedious.  The Arizona Strip is, however, beautiful in a stark, remote way and it is worth a visit. 

   Most of the places mentioned in Condor Moon are underlined in red and highlighted in yellow on this map. © Tanna Thornburg 2014